Emily in the field

Dr. Emily Finzel

Associate Professor
My research focuses on sedimentary processes in modern and ancient basins.  One strand of my research involves deciphering the tectonic record contained within a stratigraphic section by integrating sedimentologic analyses, geologic mapping, detrital geochronology (U-Pb and Hf isotopes), mudstone  geochemistry (rare earth elements), and heavy mineral and petrographic provenance analyses.  Research areas have included forearc and backarc basins in south-central Alaska, the Cordilleran foreland basin in southwestern Montana, Paleozoic cratonic basins in the Midcontinent, the Miocene Apennine foreland basin in Italy, and the Cretaceous Neuquén basin in Argentina. More recently, I have started investigating geochemical proxies in marginal marine mudstones as proxies for environmental conditions.

Email: emily-finzel@uiowa.edu

Telephone: 319-335-0405

Graduate Students

Brandon in the field

Brandon Botha

M.S. 2022 - in progress




Shay Ridl in the field

Shay Ridl

Ph.D. 2021 - in progress




Dustin in the field

Dustin Northrup

Ph.D. 2023

Geologist, Midland Basin North, ConocoPhillips



Alethea in the field

Alethea Kapolas

​MS 2022

Petrographer, CTLGroup



Cole in the field

Cole Gardner

M.S. 2021

Field Sales Engineer, Shimadzu Scientific



Justin in the field

Justin Rosenblume

Ph.D. 2021




Kacey in the field

Kacey Garber

M.S. 2017-2019
Project Geologist, SCS Engineers


Carsyn in the field

Carsyn Ames

M.S. 2016 - 2018
Geological Samples Coordinator, Wisconsin Geological Survey​

Mattie in the field

Mattie Reid

M.S. 2015 - 2017
Senior Geologist, OXY



Tyler Hedeen

M.S. 2014 - 2016
Regulatory Specialist, Army Corps of Engineers


Kyle in the field

Kyle Kissock

M.S. 2014 - 2016
Communications Manager, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Undergraduate Students

Kris Symankski

B.S. 2022

Zach Vig

B.S. 2022

Hanna Konavaluk

B.S. 2022

Ben in Italy

Ben Howard

B.S. 2021

MS 2023, University of Arkansas

Geologist, Matador Resources Company


Clint in the field

Clint Henning

B.S. 2018
​Hydrographer at USGS


Sam in the field

Sam Mraz

B.S. 2017
​Energy Analyst


Lucas in the field

Lucas Gosney

B.S. 2016
Engineering Technician I,
Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Zach in the field

Zach Miller

B.S. 2016
M.A.T. 2018

High School Science Teacher

Dan in the field

Dan Alberts

B.S. 2015
M.S. 2019 (U-Arizona)


Brittany in the field

Brittany Hendrix

B.S. 2014
Field Scientist at EnviroForensics